Take a bite out of 'Dr. Death'
By Nick Van Duren

Then voters should take note of one particular endorser of Weaver and other local Republican candidates.
The Douglas County Republican Party has a militant animal rightist mole within its ranks in Kory Nelson, Denver Assistant District Attorney, known all over the country and Internet as the "Dr. Death of Dogs."
As a Republican, I'm steamin' mad!
To have Republican candidates endorsed by such a militant should frighten everyone down to the core. Nelson's activist record is incompatible with conservative ideals and negates any repute he might have earned within our party. There is absolutely no moral justification for allowing Nelson to have a position as a precinct captain or accepting and publishing his political endorsement.
Republican candidates should sever all ties with this militant animal rights operative.
In addition to extensive lobbying by animal rights groups and other militant organizations, Nelson's influence explains why residents throughout Colorado and the rest of the country have recently begun to experience an all-out assault on their dog rights.
Dangerous dog ordinances, mandatory spay/neuter, and the infamous Nelson trademark: breed specific legislation, pose a menacing threat to our beloved family pets.
For example, Nelson lobbies lawmakers with materials full of deceitful and manipulative animal rights propaganda. What's more, Nelson's proclamation that, "Anybody who shoots a pit bull running loose is justified,'' (San Francisco Chronicle, June 27, 2005) proves that this man lacks ethics crucial to carrying out his duties in the public interest. Why would Douglas County Republicans harbor such an activist in their ranks; or listen to him for that matter?
Furthermore, Nelson has influenced and promoted an outright abuse of power and authority, simply because the so-called pit bull was not the right kind of dog for Nelson and his allies.
In only the last year, Denver has garnered more than 1,000 kills to its credit. That's not including other communities around the country that have accepted Nelson offer of assistance.
Ironically, his murderous campaign was not always against the pit bulls. The poster-child of his dog bans used to be the chow chow. Eliminating one breed at a time is what breed specific legislation is all about.
The agenda is shrewd but clever. First, BSL threatens a community. Once dog-lovers fight it, local governments backtrack, but feel as if they must adopt several other ordinances in its place. Now, animal rightists gain a foothold. They've been given an inch and now they're going for the jugular.
With Nelson's help, these groups are furthering their vision of eliminating domestic animal ownership. It's hard to comprehend, but they've infected our laws and culture and are effectively destroying the integrity of animal services and even tainting animal shelter ethics.
However, despite his efforts to convince lawmakers otherwise, animal lovers are mobilizing fast, gaining influence and fighting back against Legislators who allow themselves to be under the thumb of these extremists.
We're here to help, but mess with our four-legged children and all bets are off. We're taking names, tracking elections and working hard to undo the damage of political correctness and ignorance.
In addition, the dog fancy and show-breeders alike are here to perform a public service to everyone by helping educate the community. We're an asset and the best source for animal education. We're willing to teach people how to approach dogs, raise healthier well-trained pets and where to buy quality puppies.
Candidates who side with the animal rights agenda take note. We're mainstream. The agenda of People for the Ethical Treatment of Amimals, the Animal Liberation Front and other militant organizations are not. Nelson is not.
Now is the time to decide whose side you're going to be on. Conservative values have nothing in common with animal rightist ideology or individual promoters of this hateful agenda.
Finally, being a responsible voter means understanding the background of those who endorse your candidates. Would you prefer that animals be treated with brutality and your rights restricted under our laws, or should our four-legged children be loved and respected?
Vote for candidates under Nelson's sphere of influence and rest assured that lawmakers will enact and vote for irresponsible legislation.
Direct or indirect, they're assisting a destructive and very real and pathological evil. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that we avoid this threat so the future of our family pets actually have a future.

Nick Van Duren is a resident of Parker. He is an artist, musician, dog-lover and a staunch defender of The Bill of Rights.

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